I made lasagna tonight. I just looooove lasagna! I don't make it often since it's so fattening. I just remember why I love it so much when do. Yummo as Rachel Ray would say.

I do have an addiction to cooking shows, food network etc. I think it has gotten worse over time and my family is being driven insane. I usually just watch them at night but I never make the family watch them. I prefer much just do it while I'm in bed. The rest of the family would rather play Gears of War or something. I have to say I'm not a video game person. I used to be. Long ago, growing up in a family of 4 girls I ruled those video games. I could beat Mario in about 15 minutes. I knew all the secret pathways, etc. I started dating my hubby who plays a lot of games and it was not a turn taking thing. HE played the games. So I didn't play anymore. I got stuck watching them all the freaking time. lol So I got incredibly sick of them. I couldn't stand it anymore. Usually when the video games get turned on I run for the hills. :)