A service project is the perfect way to help employees and the community believe in your business. It creates a culture of selflessness and is something everyone can get on board with. On top of that it helps your local reputation as a business when you serve the community.

Here is an easy, yet very impactful, service project that any business can easily pull off.

The Problem

Over 22,000 children in Utah County live below the Federal Poverty Guideline. Often they rely on free or reduced school breakfast and lunches during the week. It’s one less meals parents have to worry about. But what happens over the weekend? Sometimes parents are working during the weekends or there isn’t a ton of food at home. They might not have resources to cook lunch by themselves. .

A Solution

Community Action Services and Food Bank provides 1400 Kids Nutrition Packs to local children who could use a little help. The teacher knows which children are struggling for food and slips a bag of food in their backpack on Friday during recess. This will give them something to easy to cook and eat over the weekend.

What You Can Do

With over 1400 of these nutrition packs delivered every week during the school year, there is a high demand for supplies, donations, and already made kits. This makes a perfect service project for any business no matter the size. In total the project will only take a couple of hours and everyone will finish feeling like they made a difference.


Step 1: Go to a store like Costco or Sam’s Club so you can get the best deal on bulk supplies.


You will need to put one of each of these things into every pack.

  • 100% Juice Box
  • 1 Entree (Kraft Easy Mac or Chef Boyardee Microwave Meal, etc.)
  • Package of fruit snacks
  • Package of peanut butter crackers
  • Fruit Squeeze Pack
  • Fruit and grain bar
  • Granola bar


Step 2: Take everything back to your office and create an assembly line so things go quickly and everyone feels involved.


Step 3: Deliver the nutritional packs to CASFB. If your company is delivering thousands of packs or you would like a tour of facility when you drop off your packs please call ahead so someone is there to meet you.


Other things to note:

  • The bag that you put the food in has to be transparent. Any transparent bag will do, even one you have tie is fine.
  • If you put in applesauce make sure it is in a squeeze pouch instead of a cup with foil on the top. The foil is prone to being punctured and causing a mess.
  • Any Eagle Scout will need a signature before they start their project.
  • To ensure consistency, please don’t put in any extra items