Why is Personal Health Record Important?

Fundamentals about Personal Health Records

Personal health Records (PHRs) are the medical records of patients that being created and maintained by themselves. Taking up the role of a comprehensive file including various health details of patients in an accurate and easily accessible way, PHRs furnished every minute detail required for the best management of patients’ health care.


Significance of PHR Software System

Although it is possible to maintain PHR in any form as pleased by the individuals, it is the electronic format that offers several advantages such as easy creation, editing, and general management of critical personal health data. A few of the factors that make PHRs vital have been given below:

Better coordination of Information among multiple Facilities / Providers:

Using PHRs, it is possible to promote improved quality of care by facilitating patients to manage their health information from different practices and physicians

Enhanced Patient Participation:

By managing their critical medical information through their own PHRs, individuals are able to have increased engagement in their health care

Crucial Medical Information is made available:

PHR Software System assures that relevant health data can be reached during normal times as well as in emergencies

Cost reduction:

By providing direct access of editing and deleting medical information to patients, involving them in scheduling appointments, and saving time on patient-related data search operations, PHRs help in greatly reducing administrative costs

Improved patient-practice communication:

PHR Software System, the medical information technology that is designed mostly in digital mode, enables easy and transparent communication between medical professionals and patients – thus keeps patients and providers well-informed and it develops better rapport between them.

Important Components in a PHR Software System

Contact information of the treating physician

Details about Insurance

Medical alert records

Medications and allergies

Immunization and Illness history

Medical conditions and emergency contact details

The most important benefit offered by the PHR Software System is that by enabling patients to have their own personal medical information at their disposal, patients gain the power of having responsibility over their health care. Moreover, they have access to all essential information of their medical status, thus have control over crucial decisions on their care too.

By taking an active part in their own health care and related processes, individuals are empowered to keep all sensitive vital medical data in an organized manner, facilitating themselves to be more engaged in their health care.