Welcome to what is almost 2012!  I'm reprinting an article I posted on my other blog, Personal Success Factors, a while ago.  The principles for personal growth and personal motivation are timeless: I hope you'll apply them today and going forward.


The absurd man is he who never changes.
French poet and satirist

There is a story, I cannot remember where I heard it, about an experiment that was done with grasshoppers (I think). They are put into an upside-down glass, jumping and jumping against the glass walls. Finally, exhausted, they give up. The glass is removed, and the grasshoppers, broken, stop jumping. They truly believe that they are imprisoned.

In the same way, we build, or allow glass walls to be built around us. Those walls are our vocabulary, our self-talk, , and the opinions of others that we have come to believe as fact. 

"But I can't."

"Things never go my way."

"Some people have all the luck."

Are you waiting to one day win the lottery?

Do you sit and daydream about that promotion without doing any work while at work?

Are you waiting for someone powerful to come into your life and give you a lucky break?

It's time to get off your butt!

Wake Up!! It's Your Choice!!

Success Factor: Value Yourself Highly

As J.B. Glossinger from Morning Coach would say, "You are the miracle of birth." You are one of the most amazing of God's creations. If someone told you, "I will give you a million dollars for your eyes", would you take it? Probably not! If your eyesight is priceless, then how much more precious are you as a human being, with a unique soul, spirit, mind, and body?

Success Factor: Take Responsibility For Your Own Destiny

Repeat these two mantras over and over, until they sink in and become part of your regular subconscious:

"If it's to be, it's up to me"

"I am responsible. I am responsible. I am responsible."

As Richard Gilly Nixon states in his book, The Lazy Man's Way to Riches, "Stop expecting others to rescue you from your current distress. Get rid of the dependency syndrome. Use your God given abilities and resolve. Exercise your freedom of choice, and embark on your own journey to success by working intelligently, meticulously, and persistently to achieve your success."

Success Factor: Stop Doing What Does Not Work For You

I am going to tell you what has not worked for me:

Wishing things could be better

Wishing I had other breaks, opportunities, resources that others seemed to be born with

Thinking always and only about myself

Engaging in a protracted pity party

Sitting in front of the tv for more than two hours a night

Sleeping in and barely making it to work

Eating junk food and wondering why my belly kept expanding.

Have you seen improvements in your job, in your salary? Are you still putting off going back to school? Are you still wishing you could squeeze into those jeans? Are you still dreaming about a goal you set for yourself a year ago?

You only have one life to live. 

Create your legacy NOW!

Success Factor: Take A Productive Action Step Today, And Every Day After That

.According to best selling author Tony Robbins, the key success factor that separates winners from losers is the decision to take massive action. But even better, instead of taking one big massive action, take just one small step toward bettering just one aspect of your life, and then take another step the next day, and so on, for the next 30 days. All it takes is moving ahead with 1% improvement every day to start effecting some major change in your life.

I can’t wait to hear from you about the changes that you are starting to make in your life after reading this article!

 photo credit: Peter Huys