eating in the philippines

i don’t consider myself a picky eater, but cautious. as i prepared for my trip to the philippines, i came up with the idea to go on a restricted diet. i thought this would protect me from eating sweets and anything else i could not identify by name.

instead of saying no, thank you, to food i didn’t want to try, i was going to hide behind the phrase “oh no, i can’t eat that, i’m on a restricted diet,” and that would have been the truth. i was restricted from eating anything i could not identify. it seemed better than turning up my nose and saying, “ewwww, what the heck is that?”

i’m not adventurous when it comes to trying new food and i’m okay with not broadening the delicacies of my selective palate.

there were just two things wrong with my restricted diet and not wanting to try new food.

  1. filipinos. don’t. care.  (i say that with love, of course.)
  2. it’s considered rude not to eat food when offered.

actually, they do care which is why they wanted to feed me 24/7.

eating is about sharing, family time and being together, so i did a lot of eating during my visit.  my friend and her sister offered me food every time they saw me and not just the main meal, but an appetizer and always dessert. i ate so much, i started to hate it. i ended up trying several new foods, such as adobo, but nothing i need to eat again.

below are photos i took on a walk with the housekeeper (who was a wonderful cook) to the wet market.

chop chop

this little piggy went to the market and never made it home

the market

fresh vegetables, herbs and ingredients for soup.

the market

one side of the market is all fruits and veggies and the other side is meats.

the market

if one is not happy with the seller’s price, a negotiation will take place or walk a few feet to another vendor and see what they are charging.


dried fish is very popular in the philippines.

crowded market

shoppers looking for deals. i kept hitting my head on the things hanging from the ceiling.

fish is a staple in the philippines

this was dinner one night, with the head and tail attached.  i didn’t like that at all.

fresh meat

i didn’t bother to look at the meat too much. looks like their woman standing there is pinching her nose because of the smell. maybe, maybe not.

customers in the wet market

it’s less expensive to buy at the wet market than it is the supermarket.