these flower photos were taken during a walk in baguio city. baguio is about a six-hour drive from venezuela, 5,050 feet above sea level and surrounded by beautiful mountains.  the drive there was long but absolutely beautiful.  it felt like we were driving up into the clouds as we made our way through the winding, mountainous region.

baguio is very different from the rest of the philippines. for one, it gets cold in baguio and many people vacation there to escape the heat. we stayed in a gated home for employees and judges of the supreme court.  for free! i wonder if ever such a perk for all employees of any U.S. company is offered. it’s a nice way to show appreciation for the workers.

i would absolutely go back to baguio city.

i have no idea of the names of the flowers below, but if you can name any, feel free to help me out.

UPDATE: because i’m not that smart, i mistakenly combined the scenery pics at the bottom with the flower pics, so there is no post v for the month of april as originally planned. sorry.

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i should know the name of this one, but i don’t.


a beautiful flower


i thought these were interesting. i have no clue what they are used for


i walked around baguio alone for an hour or so while my friends went to mass. this was the view to the left of the church


the kitchen window view

the view from our front door