Theme for Aug 19, 2016 'WOW' : The WOW prompt for this week is – “The Photo That Captured Me”.

I know not, our relation,
Different species we are, yet,
together, we so belong.
You stroll ahead, taking gallant steps,
I hop and fly, just to keep abreast...
Cannot lose the sight of you,
even for one second,
Important as you are,
in my tiny life.

I'm not a great photographer, but I do love capturing moments. My phone-camera is a modest one too, not those fancy DSLRs, for I believe, if you have passion, you don't need fancy gadgets. This is one picture I clicked recently. It was July, raining; and in midst of heavy showers, I wandered off to quench my curiosity to understand why these birds - cattle egret, as they are known, always hang around cows and buffaloes. Its quite a sight, and I soon understood their 'special' relationship after observing them for a while.
So it happens, while the cattle grazes on the grassy fields and meadows, the egrets just stands guard and picks on flies and insects that disturb the cattle. So, they too have their meal while keeping the cattle comfortable. How sweet is that? And what more, after all the mad hopping around - the cattle too finally, offers it a pleasant ride back home, on its back. Royal, hah? What do you think? Has it captured you too, like it did me?


( Image Courtesy : ©Mine. All Rights Reserved. )

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