Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


For the record, today’s Post title is not intended to imply a negative outlook on the day ahead. My clever misspelling is in reference to the view on life that maintains that, ‘there are some things in the day ahead you can control and there’s a whole bunch of things you cannot’. Know the difference and things will go much more better for everyone.

(I probably should leave the ‘positive metaphysic’ to Friend of the Doctrine Cynthia over at her new blog ‘Intuitive and Spiritual’. She is naturally gifted in the teaching of methods for changing one’s perspective on life, for the better. I do T-shirts, videos while driving and the occasional funny neologism. In fact, you would do well to go over there, sign up and see the positive side first. I kinda like the more twisted view.)

So, anyway. Its Friday morning, I’m up and sitting here trying to sneak up on some word herds to capture and add to Chapter 35 of Almira and as the day is trying to get my attention. Kinda like a person leaning out of a 3rd story window as you walk along the street, gesturing and waving their hands somewhat wildly, you can hear that they’re yelling something, but the traffic noise makes it unintelligible. So you continue walking, with much less determination, because you can’t tell if what you saw was a warning, an invitation, a welcome or even specific instructions. Clearly there is something imminent and equally clearly this person, who, by the way is waving from a 3rd story window of the very same building that you must visit. All you have to go on is the waving of hands and arms.

So the thought came to me, ‘the challenge in the day that’s coming to light around me with the reluctantly rising sun, like the stranger on the other side of the bed following an exciting but indistinct night, a shape to the blankets that denies the possibility that you slept alone and leaves no doubt that soon enough you will find out, the challenge for me today is not in the answers I get, but rather lies in the questions I choose to ask.’

ok…back to sneaking up on some new words.