Many people like posters for countless of reasons. If you are one of them and you want to preserve it through museum quality picture framing, you might want to know the best picture frames for posters.
Being able to know the ways to frame posters may appear as a simple task, yet there are tons of things that you should consider that seasoned art print framing professionals might forget. The first thing that you need to consider is the measurement of your poster. Simply take your poster’s width and length. Another important thing of measuring posters is knowing the material’s thickness because several poster picture frames have small tolerance and cannot accommodate thicker materials including art canvas. Majority of people allow little less than one inch of clearance between the lens and print. This clearance depends on the user, yet should be taken into consideration when learning the ways to frame posters.
What Size Do You Need?
It is important to choose the right poster frames so it will correspond with the size of your posters that are being framed. More often than not, the basic rule is choosing a frame that’s an inch taller and wider than the poster or print. The frame must not be any bigger than the typical because this make the poster look odd. Conversely, frames should not be the exact size as the poster because this will just make it hard for you to fit into the frame and would have negative impact on the presentation. In addition to that, no more than one inch gap between the print and lens must be allowed to keep your poster from slipping.
How Do You Choose a Frame Style?
The poster frame’s style is a matter of your personal preferences. Several businesses want to use wood frames to blend in with existing decoration. Wooden poster frames tend to have more classy and elegant look, wherein the metal frames exhibit a more clinical and modern appearance. Regardless of what the budget or taste, there are lots of options you can choose from. There are also some plastic poster frames that may be finished to give off a wooden or metallic appearance. Such polystyrene frames are both cheap and lightweight.
Another alternative to the traditional metal wood frames are the acrylic frames. The clear acrylic enables the users to frame posters or any signage completely without covering any of displayed graphics. Such acrylic picture frames are commonly seen in hotel guest rooms, taverns, and restaurants.
Other Things to Consider
Some important factors that you should take a note of when selecting the best poster frames are the quality of the materials used and reputation of your chosen provider. The cost of poster frames may vary from one store to another. However, you have to keep in mind that some expensive poster frames are not always made from quality materials. There are cases that affordable poster frames are good for your investment. So, check the poster frame’s materials first before you proceed with your transaction.