Today I would like to share a rare Shloka for pleasing the departed ancestors or  Pitrus as they are called in the Hindi language. It is said that those person who doesn't perform Pind Daan or don’t  perform any rituals after the death of their elders,  face Pitru Dosha in the next birth.

Pind Daan is mandatory for Pitru Shanti followed by providing Brahman Bhojan, donating gemstones, clothes,  food grains, black sesame, dakshina, etc. Out of these, the more he offers, the better. - Ashok Mehta

However, if a person cannot offer even any one of the items mentioned above, he must provide black sesame mixed Jal-Anjali to Bhumi Devi(ground).

If he cannot even do that, then he must chant the Shloka, I have shared in this atricle. Usually Pitru Tarpan must be done every day.

Hindu Pitra Shanti Puranic Mantra to Appease Departed Ancestors
Pitra Shanti Puranic Mantra

However, I today's times, it becomes very difficult to do it every day. For this, the aspiring person can perform Shraddh just once in Gaya and it will give Brahmalok to his ancestors.

Today, as mentioned above, I will share a Shloka taken by my from the Varah Puran,  chanting which, the Pitrus can be pacified.

The Shloka must be chanted by joining both hands and keeping them straight up above the head and facing the sun.

Meaning of the Mantra – I don't have alms, nor do I have wealth, nor do I have food grains. I salute my Pitru. Kindly be pleased with me. I have joined my hands up in the air and saluting you.