Bingo! says me  on a question  on why I have not been writing a lot

1.Busy (but I could always make time, this is within my control)

2.No point of writing the same mundane entry for the sake of writing
3.Not anymore a channel for me to express my frustration as it is not politically correct to write about my political view or how much i hate certain sentiment in the industry against people of my color and gender.
4.I can't express  my encounter with stupid people because stupid people with bad table manners could be reading this and trust me some stupid people are people I see often not by choice.

Anyway I had been places on trade shows trips  since my last entry and why not, i put some pictures here .I wish I could give some recommendations on restaurants and hotels but I can't becauseI didn't go out much to enjoy most of my time are spent at work working in the kitchen and in my room working  again or restaurant just to eat food as fuel to survive the next day .ha, ha!  see how  passive that sounds

moral of the story...pain will go away

finally ... I am back home!

the best chicken soup outside my house can be found at gloria hotel in Dubai