Hi Plonkers!

I gave up blogging some time ago.... after 7 years of blogging every day!  
I loved it.  I loved the sense of community.  I loved sharing my silly life.  I loved sharing it all with the people I met who also loved blogging as much as I did.  I think after 7 years of blogging every day you realize just how much time and effort it takes to create, write, schedule and plan all your posts.  Not that my wee blog was particularly riveting or interesting.  I just enjoyed documenting stuff and sharing with others...
I still come here every so often to get some pictures I posted, or refer back to old posts or story I wrote.  I often remember and miss all the awesome people I met along the way with my wee blog.  Many have also given up blogging and moved on, some still blog but I've been away so long, I hardly know them anymore and have lost touch.
I may take it up again one day, when my kids are out of the house and I have nothing to do except share my memories.  Until then....blog on!

The Daft lassies - Megan (almost 14) and Kaylin (10) The wrinkly one on the end of ME


My Boerewors and The Daft Scots Lass

Megan now plays for on the Provincial Gauteng Cricket Team

Kaylin and her Penny-Pup

Me and my beautiful lassies