Are you an endurance athlete unhappy with your stalled performance? Are you constantly battling aches and pains? Are you running 30 or 40 miles a week, but still can’t get rid of the spare tire around your mid-section?

If so, this episode of the AoM Podcast is for you.

Today on the show I talk to Mark Sisson about his latest book Primal Endurance. We discuss the well-entrenched endurance training myths that many athletes follow that result in sub-par performance, and the counter-intuitive programming and dieting protocols you need to follow to break through your performance wall.

Show Highlights

  • Mark’s career as a distance runner and how it ruined his body
  • The difference between fitness and health
  • Why the typical methods of endurance training wreak havoc on the body
  • Why many endurance athletes who do tons of training are still overweight
  • The common myths of endurance training
  • Why you become a more efficient runner by running slow and not carbo-loading
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic activity (and why most endurance athletes are probably training anaerobically)
  • The heartrate you need to work at in order to stay in a fat-burning, aerobic state
  • Why barbell training is an important part of an endurance athlete’s training regimen
  • The role of sprinting in endurance training
  • The deleterious effects sugar has on the body
  • Adopting a fat adaptive diet to become a “fat-burning beast”
  • Lifestyle changes to make to improve your endurance performance

Resources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast


If you’re an endurance athlete, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Primal EnduranceMany of your assumptions about endurance training will be challenged, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with different ideas.

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