4 Ezra 4:45 “Shew me then whether there be more to come than is past, or more past than is to come.”


When tears leak from my eyes I find
a place of healing that’s no surprise,
I find I’m lost once being found is not easy
To mechanically turn life around.

The glorious light of which I cling to 
Allows me comfort waters to wade through
I’m not the one who lives daily in fear
Let me make it clear why I’m still here

The days are long often filled with pain
I’ll say it again in life I’ll remain
The one who finds God in all that I do
As I waddle through memories I once knew

The past is there for me to step around
Tiptoe through eggshells for all I’ve found
Religion and alcohol a cocktail of frights
I made it through the dark stormy nights

I didn’t have a mother who cooked and baked 
I’m lucky to have had the food that we ate.
A penguin filled schoolhouse was my only friend
That carried my memories to the rivers bend

With a concrete garden and asphalt street
My life in Baltimore was never complete
Crimson skies lined my sunset dreams
Away from home’s not as murky it seems

I’ll go and drown my empty sorrow 
For all I carry to every tomorrow
What’s done is done what’s gone is gone
I’ll live my life and carry on.