Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

Well.... it's unavoidable, those two words above: Pokémon Go. Whether you were born in the mid- 1980s like myself, growing up with Pikachu on TV and the Nintendo 64, or like the non- tech savvy lady in her 60s I talked with yesterday, you can’t ignore the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. No matter where you are, you will find people playing the game.

The lady I spoke with had a reaction that was straight befuddlement when we talked about the game. She asked, "So you're telling me there is Pokémon gym here, in this very park?

"Yes,” I told her. "It's about 500 yards over there."

"What's the point of it? Is there a winner? She asked.

She raised an interesting question. What was the purpose behind the release of Pokémon Go for Nintendo? Was it simply to get people gaming or did they want to start an even bigger conversation?

I'm in the Social Media Technology Business for NUVI, a company that monitors and listens to the conversations that occur all over the world via social media. With NUVI you can track anything on social media in any location. These simple keywords "Pokémon Go" have pulled some of the largest numbers I've seen to date – larger than the Seahawks-Patriots Super bowl in 2015, larger than the ruckus Republican National Convention last night, even larger than that one snow storm in the mid-Atlantic this past winter.

However, unlike these big one time events, Pokémon Go has created an even larger subsequent volume increase than the initial launch. It has virally spread over multiple forms of communication: social media, word of mouth, and clearly nestled into the behaviors of society. In fact, if I look out my office window, I can watch people walk around our parking lot as if they were Lewis & Clark with a compass.

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

The launch was announced by Niantic and Pokémon on July 5. In just the following six days there were over 6.7 million conversations using only the words "Pokémon Go" or #PokemonGo. As you can see from the timeline chart, with each passing day more and more mentions piled up, increasing the momentum surrounding the topic.

You don't have to be data scientist to see the virality of the topic.

The top influencers spreading the word were: IGN, Havard, Rollingstone, CNN, LAtimes, WWE, ABC and MTV.
The twitter handle of @CatchEmAll took a serious jump from 115k followers to 387k followers in a few days. The other @Pokemon account now has over 1.43 mm followers.

The initial reach of all those potentially seeing Pokémon Go is over 3 billion on social media. Yes that's a “B” as in billion, and it’s grown since then. As a result of what major news outlets, social influencers, and people have said surrounding Pokémon Go, what were once decent social following numbers are now astronomical social analytical results.

Here is some of the top content out of the data:
Pokémon users invade Central Park.

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

My own personal favorite.

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

And come on, I mean who doesn't need more exercise and less vegging?

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

Plenty of news stories were released of people getting injured, robberies, and even finding deceased bodies using the app.

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

Pokémon Go Goes Through the Roof

The social explosion and downloads of the game equated to a huge stock increase in Nintendo shares. Social Media plays a major role in amplifying your messaging. It's the rocket fuel to your 20 year rocket you'd been designing. Turns out what John Hanke created was the rocket that launched at just the right time in our technology thirsty society. It is the first step to many other interesting Augmented Reality (AR) technologies that will eventually come.

All of this data and more can be found by monitoring the use of the keyphrase, Pokémon Go. How many times have your clients discussed you or your brand without tagging them in the social platform? NUVI helps collect those hidden conversations, so that you can have the full range of the data, whatever it may be. With this data you can make sense of each and every relevant topic and engage your audience in the most effective manner.

When it comes to the things people are saying about your brand on social media, you’ve gotta catch them all. That’s the difference between a social media trainer and a social media master. They don’t let the vital conversations escape. With NUVI’s social media listening monitors you can be the very best, like no one ever was.