There’s no time like the present to protect yourself from online security breaches. Whether you need to protect personal information or business files, it is important to have a manage your passwords safely. We have found 3 password managers, Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass, that may be the best fit for you. Read on to find out.



For the mobile users out there, 1Password is a great tool for you. What’s nice about 1Password is that the software allows users to synchronize data locally through Wifi, iCloud and/or Dropbox. 1Password allows you to store data on your computer or choose to synchronize data with other devices such as your master password as well as the exclusive decryption key.

  • Compatible with: Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox
  • Platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android and Windows Phone
  • Threat Prevention Feature: the Watchtower detects cyber attacks, vulnerable websites and which passwords to change

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With Dashlane, the decrypted data is not stored on your device or Dashlane’s servers; the key that encrypts the data actually comes from the master password. This password protector allows you to add a two-factor authentication in order to intensify the security of the master password. Like 1Password, you are given the option to store data on one device, or sync it between multiple devices.

  • Compatible with: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Platforms: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows
  • Threat Prevention Feature: Sends security alerts and gives advice on saved passwords


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Not into sharing? With Lastpass, you are the only one who can unlock your data since the key never leaves the device. While this protector requires an internet connection, you also have the option of using the LastPass Pocket app, which is accessible without an internet connection. LastPass also has a two-factor authentication which adds another coat for security.

  • Compatible with: Chrome, Safari, FireFox Mobile, FireFox, Dolphin Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera and Maxthon
  • Platforms: Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Linux
  • Threat Prevention Feature: Security alerts, defense against phishing attacks

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With hackers getting stealthier each day, and other types of threats to your online security, don’t waste any more time and start protecting your data with one of these security tools.

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