As all skiers and snowboarders know, a good snow season depends entirely on appeasing the snow gods. REI has a long and glorious tradition of Pray for Snow parties. This year, we’re throwing eight, in stores across the country (see sidebar). All parties are ’80s themed, featuring our traditional Twinkie roasts, bonfires and beer.

We’ll also be showing the Powder Magazine Film, Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks.

pray for snow

You’re invited to our Pray for Snow parties! See individual stores for more details.

  • REI Denver, 10/20
  • REI Salt Lake, 10/22
  • REI Berkeley, 11/3
  • REI Seattle, 11/17
  • REI Spokane, TBD
  • REI Bloomington Flagship, 11/17
  • REI DC Flagship, 11/18
  • REI SoHo, 12/1

Can’t make one of ours? Host your own! Here’s a handy guide:

1. Raid the thrift store!

A retro skier costume is a must. Think mustaches, puffy snowsuits, skinny skis.

2. Grab the grub.

Chili evokes that ski-lodge coziness. So does beer.

3. A shot ski is essential.

What’s more fun than synchronized shooting? Make your own for bonus points!

4. Get your playlist ready.

Rock the ’80s favorites so everyone can sing along.

5. A backyard or beach bonfire adds a little panache.

Remember to start fires responsibly—always use a fire ring.

6. Roast some Twinkies!

The Twinkie roast is an REI tradition. Once we even burned a unicorn made of Twinkies.

7. Bust out the ski flicks.

Get stoked for a great snow season ahead!

8. Set up your DIY ski waxing table.

Make your own self-contained, portable waxing table and impress your friends.

Get ready for the snow season and shop snowsports gear at