This prayer is an adaptation of the 4th prayer in the excellent book called  Prayers that Prevail for Your Children: A Parent's & Grandparent's Manual of Prayers that I have used over the years to pray God's promises for my children and grandchildren.  You can find a list of the other prayers in this book on my post HERE


Dear Father-God,  You have pointed out to us that angels guard and serve our children.  "He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone" (Matt. 4:6) We know that in your vast heavenly domain there are thousands of chariots and tens of thousands of angels (Ps. 68:17). My prayer is that you will send angels to protect _____________________ throughout his/her/their life/lives.

Your precious, faithful angels ministered to our Lord Jesus and I claim the promise in Matthew 4:11 that they will likewise minister, at all times, to my child/ren, ____________ . How wonderful to know that the angels who continually behold your face in Heaven have been assigned to protect my child(ren)!  (Matthew 18:10)  Please give ______________ awareness of the magnificent gift of being watched over by uncountable angels, a direct mission from You!  (Hebrews 12:22)

I look forward to the speedy arrival of that Day, Lord, when Jesus shall send forth His angels to collect together all the repulsive, trashy and offending things out of His Kingdom, including all of those who work iniquity. (Matthew 13:41)  Your angels will separate the wicked from those who follow You.  (Matthew 13:49)  Please give my child/ren consciousness of the power You wield to overcome sin, and the desire to always follow as Your Holy Spirit leads in his/her/their life/lives.

May the Angel of the Lord encamp around ____________________ and deliver him/her/them as he/she/they develop(s) a deep, awe-filled Forever-Relationship with You. (Ps. 34:7)

Grow my child(ren), Lord, to never be ashamed of taking a firm stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that he/she/they will be ready for that Blessed Assurance You gave us that Jesus will come again in Your glory with all the Holy Angels.  Matthew 25:31  

Thank you for sending your Son, our Creator Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is with us to the very end of time. (Matthew 28:20) Thank you for sending your heavenly angels as Ministering Spirits who worship You and who rejoice in serving your people, the heirs of salvation. Hebrews 1:6-7, 14

I pray this prayer for angelic protection for  _______________________ claiming the Promises you have made, dear God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

SUGGESTIONS for praying the Bible Promises for your Child/ren:

  1. Copy and paste and print the above and take it with you in your Bible on your daily errands, to work, flying, long road trips, etc.  Claim the promises as you do your regular devotionals/Bible readings.
  2. Make or purchase Scripture Cards that you can carry with you in your pocket/purse and pull out for cues to prayer. 
  3. Access this prayer from your device or home computer with a book mark.
  4. Use the Bible verses to write your own personalized prayers for angelic protection for someone you love.
  5. Note the date and circumstances of this prayer being answered -- a prayer journal is a handy place to do this... Here are some additional ideas for a Prayer Journal
  6. Share with others when this prayer has been answered!  I would also love to hear about it (in the Comments Section below)-- others who are praying for their kids and grandkids will be blessed and encouraged by your sharing of your victories!

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You can find a list of the other prayers in Prayers that Prevail for Your Children on my post HERE