While our children were young adults (they are now both in their 40s) I often turned to a book called Prayers that Prevail for Your Children-- A Parent's and Grandparent's Manual of Prayers that offered formulated prayers with appropriate Scripture verses nicely woven-in.  I continue to pray some of these prayers for my young granddaughters.  I have found that God answers these prayers. The Bible verses that go along with the prayers are God's promises to those who pray them!

If you want me to supply you with the Bible verses used for any of the following topics, please let me know in the Comment section below.  If you want me and others to pray for your child, you can leave those requests in the Comment Section below or/and at our Church Prayer Request site.
*The purple links below indicate that adaptations of prayers from the book are available when clicked

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1.  Abiding in Christ
2.  Achievement
3.  The Addicted Child
4.  Angelic Protection
5.  An Angry Child
6.  Attitude
7.  Being Filled With the Spirit
8.  The Birth of a Baby
9.  Caring Christian Friends
10.Character and Integrity
12.Disciplining Your Child
13.Enthusiasm for the Things of God
15.Freedom from Condemnation
16.Freedom from Fear
17.Freedom from Guilt
18.Freedom from Selfishness
19.Freedom from Worldliness
20.Freedom from Worry
21.Godliness and Holiness
22.The Grieving Child
23.Growing in Christ
25.Healing for Emotional Hurts
26.Healing for Physical Illness
27.A Healthy Self-Concept
28.The Immediate Family
29.The Joy of the Lord
30.Knowing God
31.Mental and Emotional Health
32.My Child
33.My Daughter's Future Husband
34.My Son's Future Wife
35.My Teenager
36.A Newborn Baby
37.Parental Wisdom
38.A Parent's Prayer
39.Physical Health and Wellbeing
40.The Power of Prayer
41.A Prosperous Future
42.Protection during Temptation
43.Protection from Evil
44.Protection from Evildoers
45.Protection from Negative Influences
46.Protection from Satan
47.Protection from Sin
48.Protection from Wrong Thinking
50.Safety and Protection
51.The Salvation of My Child
52.Sexual Wholeness
53.A Single Parent's Prayer
55.Spiritual Nurture
56.Strength and Vitality
57.A Student
59.Talents and Abilities
60.To Have a Child
61.A Troubled Youth
62.Truth and Honesty
63.An Unborn Child
64.A Vocation
65.Walking in Contentment
66.Walking in Faith
67.Walking in Faithfulness
68.Walking in Gentleness
69.Walking in God's Fullness
70.Walking in God's Word
71.Walking in Goodness
72.Walking in Joy
73.Walking in the Light
74.Walking in Love
75.Walking in Meekness
76.Walking in Mercy and Humility
77.Walking in Obedience
78.Walking in Patience
79.Walking in Peace
80.Walking in Revelation
81.Walking in Self-Control
82.Walking in Trust
83.Walking in Wisdom and Knowledge
84.A Well-Rounded Education