As I write this on Saturday afternoon, some hours before Hurricane Irene will reach here, I'd say I'm ready.  I've listened to what one needs to do to prepare for a hurricane. Having never been through a hurricane before, I admit I was a bit nervous. As someone who understands how the law of attraction works, "nervous" is not a vibe I intend to keep for very long, so I knew I had to figure out a way to shift my vibe surrounding this whole experience (or I would end up creating a whole lot of things to be nervous about)!

In the days leading up to today, "being prepared" felt like a "just in case" feeling to me. Our Mayor Bloomberg was saying, "prepare for the worst and hope for the best." That wasn't feeling so good to me because it felt like a wishy-washy vibration: a "just in case" feeling on the one hand, believing all will be ok and on the other hand, trying to control the way it goes--just in case (which isn't believing at all). Yes, it's a vicious cycle, which is what I went through yesterday wondering if I would go to New Jersey with some friends or stay here in New York. So I was a bit "stuck" and had little faith and definitely did not "know" what to do. I wasn't listening to my inner guidance but the contrast of it all definitely helped me pay attention.

While that is how I was feeling, for others, the "just in case" feeling might be a feeling of relief, so that would work very well for them.  When we reach for a feeling of relief, we move up the vibrational scale and we're on our way to better feeling thoughts, feelings and situations.  Yesterday I wasn't in that place and nothing was feeling very relieving so I knew I had some work to do.  So it was time to shift how I've been feeling about this hurricane named Irene who may be visiting.

In thinking about being prepared, I was reminded about my days of being a Girl Scout, as our motto was "Always Be Prepared." Thinking about my experience with Girl Scouts was a better feeling experience. So prepare is what I've done!  I listened and read about how to prepare and have done the best I can. And I've shifted how I'm feeling about it. It's not a "just in case" feeling anymore,  but one of feeling more relaxed in the knowing that I've got all that I could ever need. It's also a feeling of appreciation for my government officials, offices, the media and family and friends who've offered suggestions on how to be prepared in this situation. It's wonderful there are so many resources out there to assist me and others who knew nothing about preparing for a hurricane. I do appreciate each and everyone of them!

Remembering the Girl Scout days had me thinking about camping, friends, playing the guitar and singing around a campfire and eating S'mores! What great memories! That led me to inspiration of "preparedness a la Spirited Strider": in addition to the usual stuff, I added extra phones in case my battery on my current one runs out (I do love to talk!),  2 iPods for listening to music and meditations, plus a journal and pen to write or doodle if I feel so inspired!

So now I've found myself chuckling a bit. And I know THAT is a very good thing! So am I nervous? Nope. I'm good and I know all will be well with me.

I just learned that the worst of Irene will probably start here around 10 pm, through the night and into Sunday morning. I'm intending a restful sleep while she visits. I'm ready and I'd be just fine if Irene decided to sleep, too!

On that note, I think it's time to sing! In fact, maybe I'll get my guitar out and personally sing Irene a lullaby to go to sleep and out to sea!  Good night, Irene, good night! This is Johnny Cash's version. Go ahead and sing along! Let's serenade Irene to sleep!