What does one say after a blogging pause of over a month? Life is busy, just this side of overwhelming. My training program experience turns out to be much more intense than my graduate school experience. And it’s good, almost all good, just a lot to absorb, contain, and integrate. The boy likes school. Nora-dog continues to exist, albeit on a regimen that includes pills every 8 hours, and a mid-day bowl of baby food to keep up her strength.

The hardest part is the balance between my various roles, the pull to presence in arenas that don’t feel interconnected. What does it mean to be here for the boy? I like our afternoons at home, but they may come at a cost for me professionally (or at the very least, the idea of being around for an afternoon or two a week at home seems to be an alien one – not that anyone is saying this directly). So I rush home after a day of classes to pill the dog and to be there for the kid. And I try to figure out how to keep my work, including extensive academic readings and paperwork, contained to weekdays, with mixed success. Then there is the cleaning and the cooking, the plant maintenance, etc., which still fall mainly to me, though my husband is keeping track of other home-, pet- and kid-based things. I’ve also returned to my own therapy–thank goodness!–which is vital but also takes time.

I don’t know how often I’ll be in this space. I’ve even thought about shutting down the blog. But then I have mornings like this, where I want to write something, send my message out to the ether. We’ll see.


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