Presidential dynasties are nothing new. 

In the past twenty years we have had George H.W. to George W., and an unsuccessful attempt to shift power from Bill to Hillary. With her position cemented in the West Wing, it seems the door will be wide open for the President’s daughter to eventually form her own administration.

Ivanka’s influence in Trump’s ear is already clear. Not only has she recently been granted her own office in the West Wing as the new ‘Assistant to the President’, but her fiancé Jared Kushner had his foot in the door from day one as Trump’s ‘Senior Advisor’.

Clearly blind to the whole nepotism-issue, President Trump has ensured the two young powerhouses are key to the decisions he makes. And quite frankly, we’re all quite glad of it…

Bannon vs. Kushner: Round 1

Kushner and far-right Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are known to have already begun their internal squabbles in the Administration. With Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council, it seems Kushner has triumphed in Round 1, much to the relief of anyone with a liberal bone in their bodies.

In my opinion, Ivanka’s transition to future President has already begun. Just by watching her bubbly and less rigid self appear on talk-shows a matter of years ago, contrasts hugely with today’s image of a straight-talking, collected and poised Presidential daughter.

From First Daughter to First Female President

What kind of transition, however, will this take? Will her liberal beliefs begin to conflict with Trump’s expanding ego, eventually leading to a father-daughter run-off for the Presidency? Sounds crazy now, but in 2008 so would the idea that Barack Obama would be hand the Oval Office over to a reality TV star.

Instead, will she become the natural successor to her father in a new era of inherited rule? Only time will tell. If one thing is for certain however, Ivanka and Jared’s youth and established position in the White House will not stop when her 70 year old father leaves office in 2020 or 2024.