Claude Oscar Monet focuses on capturing fleeting scene more than any other painter, and does not pay attention to the outline of the object itself. He said that light was the assistant in painting. And he devoted his life to painting something that cannot be painted, in his quality painting, many are depicted fleeting beauty, The Promenade Woman with a Parasol is one of them. There are clouds passing in the sky, we can almost feel the power and prestige of blowing clouds, and smell the salty flavor rising up through the air.



Monet adopted looking-up angle to present the images in the picture. The woman sit sideways, and the gathers rotated for her rotation. What made her keep balance is the handheld parasol. Parasol’s gray green tones blend with the sky to combine the picture and the figures together and make the figures jump out of the background. The little boy in the distance stretched layered of this painting, which highlighted the woman with parasol and made the sky loftier.
It was the lights and shadows that led to these two figures jumping in people's eyes. The sky behind the woman is transparent changeable like water, besides, the sunlight shined through the clear blue sky sprinkled on a woman's dress, for the role of lights and shadows, the dark shades of woman's upper body meant that she was in the shadow of the parasol. The billowing skirt sleeve has the light and shadows that Monet good at capturing, which was the color of the sky, the dark green grass and the yellow flowers. The Promenade Woman with a Parasol broke the obstacle of classicism at that time and freed the painting from pure illuminating objects, which opened up a new genre of painting that captured “instantaneous beautiful” by eyes.
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