Desperation’s are Only Weapons When we Use Them to Sway Decisions and Then Speaking Without Thinking...

A short story poem, with insights and hints of betrayal, and then the sudden anger remembered from it. Which lowly creature, spun what lie and stolen our Paradise?


"Desperation's are Only Weapons"

Desperation’s are only weapons
When we use them to sway
And do not use our words to say

I loved you and still I do today

I so remember watching you disrobe
For the first time uninhibited by
Shame or concern of what not

A gift of love that will never every
Be forgot
For that moment in time

I was yours and you were mine
Like Adam and Eve in the garden
There we needed no pardon

Where and When did this, wanting
Shame and Concern creep in again
What was it that put us so at un-ease with each other

Which sin, who sinned, when and why did it begin?

Which lowly creature
Spun what lie
And stolen our Paradise

Away from you and I

I’ve known of the mistrust and
Where it lied but, I did put it away
Until you threatened me, with a separation day

Then I regurgitated it up, distasteful though it was
I forgave you then and put it on a shelf
To be left alone

But I pulled it back out
Like a weapon
Not to hurt or to strike you with

God alone knows this to be true
Those words you threw at me
When I needed you most

They were eviler then Satan, himself
Although it was out of sight, it was not forgotten
It would have faded away forever

If only, you would have stayed

I wish for it to have never happened

Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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