"Destiny Ere-Played"
If I were a Poet 
Would I even know It?
I doubt It, don't you see?
For I could not even barely read.
A Dyslexic child backwards born 
Who wouldn't even fight to breathe.
Given to a widowed morning.
Lied to, to whom he was born
Trust and Faith now torn.
The Angels even molted and wept.
They tossed Salt all about my feet
Tried to message me through their text.
Oh why, oh why, am I so Vexed?
If I were the Poet how would I even know It? 
Would I hear unspoken words be said?
Would They too Play and Dance within my head?
All Ghosts unholy "They" tried to mold me!
They make me bleed this ink sometimes red...
If I knew myself the poet
To be...
Could I save this world, truly?
Or from my past records held, would I doom her all to Hell?
But why would I?
Poets care not for Blood!
They seek only the Puritans Love.
If Poets knew truly one another
How boast free they would be!
Never bothering to correct
It is Just until always they must...
Interject! Their Opinions surplanted
Like onions they tear the eyes.
Poets like Onions peeled
Reveal nothing but... 
Just more of the same.
I must be Insane!
To wish to write such dribble
for it sikens me to my very middle.
A flesh bag filled with vial 
Bile Stuffed Organs Moaning
Am I Just a Bag for Holding Shit!
If Thy Belly Button Popped Off!
We'd all spill over the place.
Then be devoured by former Angels
Those fallen Sons, "They' may be the only ones.
Who whispered sweet poetry to me.
Torment me with your words you dirty birds!
For every once in a while there spawns a child.
So Innocent that Angelic Beings Weep
If Only I could pen what I hear 
When the monsters sleep
Words like Iconic tear drops dancing 
Spinning round and round
My Minds Ear
True blue Poetry spun from poetic Beings!
Shall I Hear...
The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
JMK's Production


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