"Great is the Son Day Morning"
Great is the Sun Day Morning, it is meant to be had by all
 And GOD said Let their be Light and It was so
 We are All now Moths Seeking the Light of His Throne
Some days we hide a midst the stones 
Some days we stand all alone
 We Laugh, we cry, we dance we sing
 And then we sleep and sleep 
Until again we realize
we weep
But Yet in our hearts
The hearth shown
 He kept It lit and aflame
For we all know
that deep down in the pit of our soul  
Tis all just a game?
 No My friends Its not the end Of the Beginning
 No not just yet!
"The Great Correction" It's Awakening is set
 Days one through six Our work is done!
 But yet on the seventh sets our Sun? 
Come rest a midst the Feet of Such a Great Light
 that none Have seen in Such a Great while
 this Awesome Sight. Rest 
And Peace I give to you.
 I give you My Peace... 
Signed The Father's Son. The Lord Jesus your Christ. 
A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man
 ... It just came to me this morning is it Poetry, Praise? I don't know but I share it with you  all Today! You Decide As so we All Must Decide. For we've Choices to Make!
Whether we Desire them or Not. Happy, Happy SON Day Morning! Can You See The Light? 
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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
JMK's Production


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