It Lies Deep Beneath the Mud and Muck, This Golden Treasure, Hidden Under Rushing Fears and Rivers of Tears.

 Seed begins to grow beneath the mountains of the Snow's. A seed planted and revealed; and then its fruit is revealed for the first time, but it has become to late, for the one who planted it.


Hidden Gold

It lies deep beneath the mud and the muck
Under rushing fears and rivers of tears
Stones; entrusted rocks

Filled only by the one with the yellow locks
Who taught and taught
Life with out love, is not

Forlorn Cads; stormed and torn these mountains
Rushing waters run around, snowy mounds
Nuggets therefore thrown upon the frozen grounds

Heart aches unmentioned
Mined for; by only Fools
Rusted chunks of iron

Seed begins to grow
Beneath the mountains of Snow's
Yet her soul, is and was set a glow

Broken glass, pouting lips
Sinking; a battling ship
Stuffed within her, a wondrous treasure

Deep beneath the freezing seas
The golden son, sups beneath these trees
Rooted within the sands of old, a young lad begins to grow

These devils pretend; men never again to be
And Satan, Captain of them all, but only thieves
They return once more to be redeemed

This dame and her flames of unwavering favor
Passages from Hell befell, Satan smelled and savored
Melting Snow's; UN-flavored, and UN-wavered

Stolen mounds they did, from Holy Grounds
Unholy men must be weighed and measured
Hidden within the Snow's; one young master

Within him Rings an unmeasured Talent
The Master is worth his weight in gold
No pirates soul was found alive

Only solid gold abounds, and thrives
Beneath his flesh, her only love runs through
But at last, a final word and then the truth

Upon It's chest, a lock of Golden's hair
Perched between It's hands a sword
Wrapped is he, in a darkened gown

Reclaimed the locket that once was worn by his Holy Mother
Who's golden heart clenched the young master
From the heathen's deathly hands, he laid them all asunder

Its now the Holy Mothers, only son
These sisters gather round, Golden's boy
As they lower (Satan's clowns) into the ground

This Devil did not know or did he hear
Of their Golden's boy, hidden there
Planted years ago, among the Snow's

So carelessly by he

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
JMK's Production


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