A Story Poem, of a Man's Story as Told Through the Eyes of One of His, Children

A story of a father's life, after his divorce. As told through the eyes of one of his children and their eyes. "The Patter of Little Feet" was a teary eyed tale for this author to write. As it parallels his own life story. 


"The Patter of Little Feet"

No longer do they dance about gleefully, after ever pout
With out a doubt, the magic is now gone

There remains a frown; a smile turned up side down
No more pleading daddy why, why can’t we stay

Why are these things this way?
Only mommy answers questions now

She gives the directions and how
Daddy, when will we dance again?

They are now four from five, and there for
The one, his tear drops fly
Mommy said: that she and daddy were through

There was nothing we three could do
We did not understand her words, we just cried, too
Daddy left our home, after my brother’s ninth birthday party

And he thought that he did some thing wrong
But, daddy said: that he did not
And that he shouldn’t feel that way

Daddy said: that he didn’t know what did go wrong
And that’s about all he could say
There is a new baby at our new house

There he dances and he watches Mickey Mouse
There his daddy plays with him, alone

This is his house, he has made that perfectly clear
His baby gets our moms attention too, now; and we tear

We no longer; do get enough, we fear
Why has our life’s become so tough? We tear

Mom’s new man doesn’t play with us
And we do not under stand
But, silently we care

He doesn’t say he loves or
That he even cares
Why is our life so unfair?

He puts my dad and my brothers down
He pays to much attention to me
And that makes my brother’s frown

We three do hear the patter of, his son’s little feet
As they walk all over us
We think our little brother is sweet

But, not really, he is spoiled

Things here really stink
We try to be happy for our mom
But, we are not

It is not the same
Mom she is pretending to be sane
I no longer believe she is

No one here is really happy
We all think our lives now, are truly crappy
I know she is not happy; our mom

She will not marry him
And now she can not
He only pretends to be, like my dad

But, he did things to me, that were bad
And then he said I was bad, that made me sad
So I told my dad

And he got really mad
So mad, that he promised mom
That he would kill him, if she didn’t leave him

So now, every thing is all a mess
Mom’s boyfriend did confess

But, still daddy is not allowed to come around
The Judges have him on restraints

Because; mommy said, he was insane
But, she knew for sure, that daddy didn’t lie
So they lock my mom ‘s old man away

We see our dad around town, now and again
He always has a smile for us, he loves us
He must, for when we part; and go our separated ways

I can see him cry to the patter of defeat

Sinbad the Sailor Man

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