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Remember Gravity‘s Ragnarok Online? How about Level-Up! GamesPhilippine Ragnarok Online? There is good news if you are a big fan of this highly successful and one of the oldest MMORPG — Gravity signed a deal to bring back the game to the ASEAN market.

According to Gravity, they signed a new agreement with Thailand’s Electronics Extreme to revive the gamer’s favourite Ragnarok Online, in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. The publishing license for the three South-East Asian nations is worth $1 million in US Dollars.

Electronics Extreme may not be familiar to most ASEAN gamers because they are relatively a new game publisher from Thailand. Last year, they closed a deal with Gravity to relaunch Ragnarok Online in their home country which was highly successful. This helped sealed the deal to bring back the game to Malaysia, Singapore, and especially the Philippines, where it dominated the local market from 2003 to 2015.

The question now is will local Ragnarok Online players who migrated to the iRO servers be granted a chance to migrate to the new regional (or local) servers? Or will everyone start fresh? Are we also expecting local and regional competitions like what we used to have in the Philippines?

Only time can tell.

Source: [뉴스] ‘라그나로크 온라인’, 동남아 시장 100만 달러 규모 라이선스 계약 체결

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Ragnarok Online Relaunching in the Philippines, Singapore, & Malaysia!
Gravity and Electronics Extreme announced in Korea they signed a licensing deal to bring back Ragnarok Online in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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