So this just happened.  An afternoon full of serendipity and coincidences.

This afternoon in Ocho Rios I dropped in at John Crows tavern…I’m sure you all know about it.  I came here to eat, drink and use wifi.  As I sat working away on my laptop, around the corner strolls a familiar face that was way out of place!  It was Rafael who is the “Raf” in Rafjam Bed & Breakfast that I wrote about eons ago!  Coincidentally, all these years later he is now managing John Crows.  Raf was also the manager at Goblin Hill in Port Antonio years back and at that time he invited me to come write a review there as well.

So fast forward back to this afternoon and here I’m sitting when a television crew walks in to John Crows.  I asked Raf what was going on and he said it’s a new television station starting up and they’re here to do a piece on John Crows and tourism in Ochi in general.  Of course I was curious so I asked the crew themselves what the TV station was called so that I could write about it.  Well this turned into them asking ME if I want to be interviewed!

I suddenly felt all nervous but of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!  They had already interviewed staff members of John Crows who also seemed nervous so I guess I could do it.

john crows ocho rios

I found out shortly after my interview that the TV station launches in the new year so my interview and everything else they’re doing right now isn’t yet available.  But I swapped cards with the crew and they’ll be notifying me when they launch and I’ll do another post at that time!

The station is called North Coast Times TV and they already have a publication but this TV station is new.

john crows ocho rios