I am a Chemical Engineer in Germany. Or so it says in this certificate from Kultusminister Konferenz (KMK), The Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen.


But between you and me, I don’t know where to begin to working as one because its been more than a decade since I’ve been out of school and almost 4 years since I’ve been officially out of the corporate world. I cannot really say that I have been out of work because although a lot would think that I have been on “vacation” for years if people’s mouth run amok (talking without their brains governing their loose mouth) but houseWORK and babysitting are still WORK. Goddammit. I do not know how many times I would like to remind other women, more so than men, that this non-billable type of job is just as important as the billable ones. But in the end, its just a waste of saliva. People tend to believe what they want to believe unless someone throw a boulder at them.

I did receive a call once about working as an IMDS Engineer. Unfortunately, the job is in Cologne and relocating is out of the question. Too bad nothing is being offered within my area. But that’s alright. Getting a job would be a plus of course but I am happy to be in a position that I am not that desperate to have one. All thanks to Mann who earn quite well as if both of us were working. Still, when Mira is at school and having a second child is difficult, I would like to do something more than cleaning, crocheting, cooking and waiting for everyone to come home from work and school. Because I do have a good brain you know. I think.

About this recognition, well, I got it done with the help of another Engineer from Cebu. Basically, it involved reading through KMK website, downloading the application form and sending it together with the following documents:

1. Authenticated TOR and diploma in the university
2. High School Grades and diploma (copy will do according to friend Engineer but I got my mom to authenticate them all as well)
3. Passport photocopy
4. Marriage contract photocopy since family names will be different from those in the school records
5. Residence card photocopy

Then I received a mail about transfering 200 Euros for the payment and then two months later, I became an “engineer”. 🙂