Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance

It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. The Church of Infinitiaty fervently believes that religious tolerance should and must be practiced to its fullest extent by all other “religions.” By Infinitiaty? Less so, but that’s as it should be.

It’s only natural.

Think about it. Infinitiaty is the one true religion. Other organizations and philosophies that claim to be religions are pretenders. Why should we tolerate fakes and frauds? It would be like suggesting that we should, simply because banks and embezzlers exist, tolerate people who embezzle large sums from banks. The result would be chaos; even more chaos than the Gods already foist upon us. Besides, it would leave less money for Infinitiaty to solicit from banks and bank shareholders, which would be insufferable.

Besides, because they are false, tolerating them would not  correctly be categorized as religious tolerance. They aren’t, after all, true religions. It could best be described as faux-religious tolerance.

And what about the Gods? They would be royally or, I should say, godly pissed off if we tolerated beliefs in false gods, wouldn’t they? Pissed off Gods are not Beings you want to have interfering in your life.

Near Religious Tolerance

This is not to say we are intolerant of those pseudo-religions. Quite the contrary. The Church of Infinitiaty’s stance is that we should suffer them to live for to do otherwise would be to give up hope that we can convert them to the one true light and skim off some of their cash in the process. A pseudo-religion that you combat viciously is not one that’s likely to generate a decent revenue stream for your true religion.

And keep in mind that acceptance and tolerance are not synonyms. Tolerance implies that we think they are dead wrong, but we will, begrudgingly, allow them to continue to exist on the same planet as us. Acceptance suggests that that we, not just tolerate, but welcome them among us. While we might be able to tolerate a pseudo-religion, acceptance is a step way, way, way too far.

Thus, the Infinitian stance on pseudo-religions falls somewhere between tolerance and antagonism. A most healthy and wise position, indeed.

There are, of course, exceptions. We are totally intolerant of pseudo-religions that are intolerant of Infinitiaty. Carpet bombing is too good for them.

So what are these pseudo-religions for which Infinitiaty walks a fine line between religious tolerance and religious belligerence? The Chief Ideology Officer of Infinitiaty tried to list them. She got as far as the following:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Hinduism
  • Buddism
  • Taoism
  • Sikhism
  • Bahá’I
  • Jainism

Then she gave up and simply defined a pseudo-religion as, “any philosophy or organization that refers to itself as a religion, but is not Infinitiaty.”

So much for pseudo-religions, but what about non-religion? As far as tolerance of atheism is concerned, you must be joking. Tolerate it? Of course not. Although, that won’t stop us from trying to divert atheists’ cash to the coffers of the one true religions, Infinitiaty. It’s only natural.

All of that having been said, because we are the one true religion, all of the pseudo-religions and atheists should do more than just show us religious tolerance, they should wholeheartedly embrace us, both rhetorically and literally.

So, now you know.