We are united on one thing in this house. Gin is the answer to most things; we are keen collectors of craft and small batch gin and have built up quite a collection in the past couple of years. Recently we were introduced to the Dà Mhìle, a small batch distillery in glorious Wales. After commissioning an organic whisky to be produced in Scotland for the Millennium ( Dà Mhile) John Savage-Onstwedder, owner of the award-winning Teifi Cheese was granted a license to distil in 2010. The high spec 350litre copper pot still sprung into action and the first products started rolling off the line. Firstly Dà Mhìle Orange 33, followed swiftly by Dà Mhìle Botanicals Farmhouse Gin and then the gin we’re trying today was launched in 2104 on St. David’s day (That’s March 1st) an amazing seaweed gin made from specially hand-selected botanicals which are designed to compliment hand-picked seaweed it is infused with for three weeks.



When you uncork the seaweed gin you are treated to a magical perfumed sea-inspired aroma, which has the unmistakable smell of seaweed. We made a gin and tonic with lots of lemon and a some of our pickled samphire as suggested. The tartness of the lemons, saltiness of samphire compliment this wonderful gin perfectly. I also tried the gin on its own with ice and the taste of the sea runs through every mouthful. It’s definitely a gin to savour and I’m definitely hiding it from general view!


Along with the gin came the most delicious seaweed cheese from the incredibly well respected, award-winning Teifi Cheese. The cheese side of the business is an Anglo-Dutch affair with three decades of exceptional cheese making under their belt. We are very familiar with the delectable Celtic Promise, which is the most fabulous rind-washed cheese. An interesting fact about Celtic Promise is that is the most decorated of British cheeses!


We’re also lovers of the amazing nettle which is a gouda-style cheese and the seaweed derivation did not disappoint. It’s creamy, full flavoured and the seaweed just comes through at the end. In a word its delicious, oh okay here are a few more, like most cheeses it’s pretty much addictive I had one slice, then I had to have another very shortly after, I am already planning a cheese based meal later on.

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