Do you struggle with negativity? Do you find that it is easier to be pessimistic than it is to be sunny and optimistic, even when life has been relatively happy?  You are not alone.  Studies show that people tend to be hang on to their negative view of the world and find it difficult to flip from negative to positive, even when there is evidence all around them of positive outcomes of something they originally viewed with suspicion and cynicism.

Alison Ledgerwood, a social psychologist from UC Davis, does a neat little Ted Talk exploring why it is that we have difficulty in seeing a situation as positive when we have initially seen it a being negative, regardless of the evidence.  This youtube TedTalk is only 10 minutes long, which is one of the things I love about Ted Talks... the speakers manage to insert a lot of food for thought into a brief window of time-- there isn't time to become bored! 

Alison explains that she is interested in how people think, and in finding ways to 'think better'.  Inspite of the sorry state of people tending to get stuck into negative thinking rather easily, Alison gives some examples of what we can do to get 'unstuck'.  See if this helps you!

With gratitude, I base this blog on the book "Learn to be an Optimist: A Practical Guide to Achieving Happiness" by Lucy MacDonald, a Quebec-based motivational speaker with an academic background in psychology and counseling.