We started our new year with a family date.  We went to a sushi restaurant  after we attended a Sunday mass.  My husband was craving for some sushi  and my daughter   wants to try the  place where hubby took me for a dinner date  last time without them.  

Me and the kids had a Happy Family meal.  It has  beef, chicken, lobster, and lots of veggies.

My goal this year is to  eat healthier with homecooked meals but here we are lol.  Anyway, the kids and husband will be back to work and school so I will have time to cook again so for now, ringing in the 2017 eating out  is just a temporary thing.  Besides, it is just a little celebration  for us.

We were on our way to visit my father-in-law so it was a nice excuse to not to cook.  We all had a full belly after we left and headed out to Ohio.

This Happy Family meal was so good.

The kids shared with some of their Dad's sushi.  
When we came back, we went to the grocery store and bought some stuff.  I ran into a friend who  asked me what is the best  brand for speakers.  She said that she is looking for replacement speakers for their entertainment system.  I told her what we currently use and we have it for  many years so it's a good brand.  Today  feels normal, my kids are back to school and hubby is at work.  I am slo working on updating some of my blogs and answering emails to some clients.  Working at home rocks!