robin-williams2How can it be a man like Robin who seemed full of life with money, friends and family yet he is gone? : (

Why his blue eyes alone were so warm he could transform any frown into a smile with a glance of his own.

He had a gift efficiently instantly volá, you’re reform.

It’s just not right a man like that would be so sad to want to die and leave it all behind?

National Institute Of Mental health says more than 38,000 die by suicide each year?
Why that’s more then war or murder and natural disasters combined?

Why such a closet case?

~~shouts thee person who just now read this.

Perhaps in time once again in his own special way his final act continues to shine a spotlight that will bring back smiles, hope and in many ways awareness to those that suffer silently.

Awareness is everything you see and doesn’t that mean something to thee?

You will be missed but never forgotten.

You will be missed but never forgotten.

*If you or someone you know is experiencing depression and need help or someone to talk to, call the 1-800-273-TALK