After some serious discussions which involved bits of extortion and blackmailing, we ended up having a 4-days holiday in Rome. The old hag won of course versus selfish bastard Mann. Had to put my 2 ugly feet down when Mann started planning one fishing trip after another. Still, I managed to maintain a grumpy face all throughout the trip so Mann will not think that he got scammed. 😉 Inside though, I was ecstatic because R O M E, dude!

Anyway, about the trip…


We arrived in Ciampino around 9 in the evening and I read about how easy it is to get a bus ticket to Termini Bahnhof but unfortunately, we did NOT count on the closing times. All bus ticketing shops were closed and hundreds of people were waiting outside for a bus that arrives every hour or so. We ended up taking a taxi and paying 30 euro.

We got a studio apartment from Rental in Rome 2000 through that has a double bed and sofa bed. One bed for Mann and another for both Mira and me. Love it. Still, the room has its downsides:

* bathroom smell – Air coming out from sink and toilet smells ugly but as long as we keep it closed immediately after using and exhaust air is turned on, it does not bother us much.

* breakfast in another building – we have to walk a few meters every morning for the breakfast and I do not like making myself look HUMAN that early. Also, Italian breakfast of croissant and coffee or tea is ok but not for 4 days straight. We have to go buy fruits somewhere afterwards.

* location – some part of Rome especially around Colosseum is quite clean. Some areas around Termini Bahnhof however are creepy and dirty with streets smelling of urine and dog shits are everywhere. Quite a lot of beggars sleeping in the cold floor too and Mann even witnessed some immigrants about to kill each other.


Like MY Duterte who seeks to meet with other Filipinos whenever he is abroad, we seek Filipino Restaurants. There are quite a lot in Rome but we recommend Asian Delight. Restaurant is filled with mostly Filipinos and menu of the day cost around 5 euro and it comes with FREE soup and kimchi. Experience in Asian Delight was good except if you have a child who knows some strange Filipino words like “Papa Otot” (Papa farted), which she likes to announce out loud everytime Mann moves his chair.

And of course, we tried Italian food too especially gelato. The pizza and pasta we had at Fresco in Termini, was really good and we only paid 20 euro in total.

Mann cares for sea, river or fishes while I care for overlooking views and old stones. Mirang however will probably trade everything for a gelato and a good wee (slide or swing) if she can have her way. For the sake of world peace, we planned our activities that will make everyone happy.

Bioparco Zoo and parks to run around and chase poor hapless animals like cats and birds for Mira. Parks usually have playgrounds too but not all of them are well-maintained. Still, Mira loved it every time we make a pause at the park to rest our aching feet.


For Mann, we took an hour train to Santa Severa to see the sea. It was a nice, relax day and we were able to see the countryside too and smell sea air. I do missed that smell. One-way train ticket cost 4 euro per person and good thing we brought some food and water because shops are closed on Sundays as well.


As for me, I was extremely happy to be at the terrace in Pincio and see ROME from above. Wouldn’t mind seeing the view from the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica too but it cost some euros and hundreds of people are falling in line waiting for their turn. The rest, we simply walk from one beautiful old stones to another all over the city.

Though we were afraid that it will rain during our trip but we got lucky and enjoyed a good cloudy to sunny weather. And it was not that cold too unlike in Germany. Also, walking about the streets, we noticed people staring at me and then at Mann and then at Mirang. We find it a bit strange because we do not notice people staring at us in German cities like in Berlin so we wonder if intermarriages is NOT that common in Italy as it is in Germany.

On the day of our flight back home, we took a train from Termini to Ciampino and thought to walk all the way to the airport. We ended up taking a taxi again after realizing that departure area is at the opposite side of the airport from the train station and we were close to missing our flight. Quite an adventure of running around the Via Quatro November to return back to the train station for the taxi.

All in all, it was a good 4-day trip holiday and in the end, we were quite happy that we did it. Our problem being a cheapskate is that we tend to overthink that we ended up NOT doing much and missing on opportunities. Its a struggle for us and so we are happy if we get to overcome it by ourselves.