A FB friend asked yesterday, "If you were stuck in an elevator with a rock star, who would it be?"

(To all my grammar nazi's out there, should that be "whom"?)

I ran my list of favorite songs through my head and visualized the artist behind it. Went a little like:

Cat Stevens....no.

Stevie Nicks....no.

Steven Tyler....mmm, no.

Pharrel Williams.....hmm, maybe.

Cindy Lauper...another maybe.

Bob Marley....Oh Yeah, but that elevator might be on the way to heaven, so, uh, NO!

But when I do take that elevator to heaven, it would be nice if Bob Marley and Jim Croce come down to greet me and accompany me on the way up.

Still thinking.......Carlos  Santana......now that is an elevator that I could be stuck on for a long time.

I would definitely ask him if he was thinking of me when he wrote Black Magic Women!!!

If there is room for one more music artist on our little elevator, then I do think I'd like Sarah McClachlan to join us.  Can you imagine the angels that those two people would have in their company?

Which rock star would you choose to be in a stuck elevator with?

p.s. I would have preferred if we were sitting around a fire pit, drinking tequila but, hey, an elevator will have to do.