Olivia Munn, who dates an NFL QB … this story about a hungry teenage in Memphis has an awesome ending … “Birds of prey target swimmers’ underwear to line nests” … “C.I.A. Arms for Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market” … crazy, creepy ex-boyfriend turns up under her bed after she installed an alarm system … “priest attacked at gunpoint in confessional” … Aziz Ansari writes an op-ed to Donald Trump about Muslim Americans … “CNN’s hiring of Corey Lewandowski didn’t cause a staff revolt” … husband allegedly kills wife with a crossbowbuying a used car? You’ve got plenty of options, which scares the old school businesses … not sure what’s crazier, that this dumb tweet is a story or that Justin Timberlake has 55 million twitter followers … “Waldorf Hotel to Be Gutted, Up to 1,100 Rooms Turned Into Condos” … George Will has bailed on the Republican party because of Donald Trump …

Ten minutes of me defending the Derrick Rose trade; Jeff Goodman on the 2016 and 2017 NBA Drafts; and Anthony Slater of the Oklahoman on Kevin Durant. [3 Hour Show; condensed 30 Minute Podcast]

Sounds like the Heat are prepared to lose Hassan Whiteside. [Herald]

Pretty neat mock draft of Big 10 games for ESPN and Fox Sports 1. [Matt’s College Sports Media Blog]

Missed this last week, another Bill Simmons takedown: “HBO’s Any Given Wednesday Brings Out the Worst in Host Bill Simmons.” [TIME]

Arlington taxpayers, are you excited to fund a new high school football stadium? [WFAA.com]

“Swedish footballer sent off for farting during match.” [Guardian]

High school stars want to join forces at powerhouses, but “are these supreme talents working the system in their favor? Or is the system taking advantage of them?” [Campus Rush]

A problem when you go strictly by the numbers – nobody would agree Tyrod Taylor’s contract is ranked #1 in anything. [PFF]

“Guidelines issued on [UNC’s] Employee Forum aim to help staff avoid microaggressions in their interactions by cautioning against offensive phrases such as ‘Christmas vacation,’ ‘husband/boyfriend’ and ‘golf outing.'” [Washington Times]

New Hornet Marco Bellinelli broke his jaw in Europe. [Observer]

Very nice piece on Serena Williams. [WSJ]

“How analytics can help with talent decision making.” [Nielsen]

Dario Saric can pass.

News crew doesn’t realize how fast fires spread, and this gets dicey, quick.

“Dave Grohl Recalls That Time Taylor Swift Saved Him from Embarrassing Himself in Front of Paul McCartney.”