Phoenix AZ, is actually 85085 and a place where you find some of the best and safest places to store your RV for a very long winter season when it is not used. Recreational Vehicles or RVs are huge machines that cannot accommodate in your backyard or even in the front portion of your home which is due to the fact that each and every Vehicle is 18ft to 25ft long. These vehicles can carry almost 10 people with luggage and are built for recreational activities like hiking, picnic or even a day out on a beach. So here below we will be telling you about the benefits and costs of storing your RV in a Phoenix AZ.

The benefits of storing the huge machines in a safe place

These are kept either in one single huge hall type storage or in some places they also have different personal locks where these vehicles are kept and cared for. In some places even a CCTV security camera is installed both inside and outside the lock so that any kind of mischief can be totally stopped.

Moreover special functions like regular cleaning and dusting of the RV is done on regular basis. Some places offer full overhauling of the RV where each and every part is check and repaired if necessary and colouring is also done in the same place as well. When the winters are over you get almost a new shining RV.

What about the costs

There are different types of rates for different vehicles all depends on their shape, size and mechanism in RV Storage 85085. Say for a 5X5 unit RV a maximum of $85 per month is charged in good places and the rate changes as per the place you choose, for a 10X10 unit the charge is around $149 per month.

This comes to around $1020 and $1788 per year along with normal maintenance and cleaning. If you are looking for some major reinstallations or changes the charges will definitely go higher as per your requirement. So when you are choosing storage choose wisely and remember to include rust removals in your package as that is very important for your RVs health.


Winters are long in the country and vehicles like RVs can get damaged very easily when kept in snow or acute winter conditions. So it is a wise decision to take your vehicle to a storage where it will remain in good condition for the rest of winter.