As the rising costs of food ingredients, rental and labour costs rocket in Singapore, some hawkers have taken to scrimping and saving on ingredients, many eateries and restaurants are forced to charge more. Some are forced to close.

I am facing spiralling food prices when I plan my weekly family meals. It is getting more difficult to serve a decent meal on a limited budget.

What can we buy with S$2 (USD1.44) in Singapore these days?

Can we get a meal with S$2?

This Teochew noodle stall, San Yuan Gourmet in Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Food Centre, still charges S$2 (USD1.44) for a bowl of fishball noodles that has 6 fishballs in it. For S$3 (USD2.16), you get 10 fishballs.

They also serve a decent laksa (spicy noodles) that consists of a piece of taupok  (beancurd puff) and two fishballs at S$2. This food stall has maintained their price of S$2 meals for a long time. How do they make profit at this price!?

When owners of this noodle stall discovered that there are many senior citizens living in this neighbourhood, they decided to offer the $2-meals to help these group of people cope with escalating living expenses.

It is heartening to know there are some hawkers who have a heart for the needy.

Hungry at the wee hours of the morning and didn't want fast food?

Go to San Yuan Gourmet noodle stall. It is open 24 hours.

One can have a simple bowl of fishball noodle soup or laksa for S$2. I prefer their special mee sua (dry) with vinegar, S$3. Ingredients include minced pork, 2 fishballs, sliced mushrooms and pork slices. No crispy pork lard but they give crispy fried ikan bilis.

There was a long queue when I went for dinner one evening, the two men were too busy to chat with me. hehe .....

San Yuan Gourmet  #01-44
Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Food Centre

半夜肚子饿又不想吃汉堡, 还好有24小时营业的汕源潮州鱼圆面, S$2 就有得吃。他们还卖辣沙 (S$2), 但是我喜欢吃他们的招牌干捞面线 (S$3), 料蛮多的; 有肉碎、鱼丸、肉片、香菇, 加了醋和辣椒酱捞一下, 很开胃喔!

现在没给猪油渣了, 有炸得脆脆的江鱼仔。任何时候都可以吃的潮州面, 经济实惠,难怪这么多人排队啦!