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There is no Greater Gift From the Most High

Children are gifts from God. Some of us are blessed more than others and have large families like I do. Even having one or two children is a blessing from the Lord.

Most pregnancy books explain women’s health issues during pregnancy and what you can expect, but they don’t delve into how God plays a role in your pregnancy and preparing you for birth.

Marie-Ange Bigelow explains how childbirth is sacred and a gift from God in her book, “The Sacred Gift of Child Birth.”  In the introduction she shares her birth story of when her oldest child was born and how she overcame the pain of childbirth by accepting it as God’s will.

New and expecting mothers can learn from Marie’s experience and accept that this baby is a blessing and a gift from God. Marie continues to explain how God designed birth, why women should choose a natural birth, the truth about caesarean sections, and how you can partner with the Lord when preparing for birth.

“The Sacred Gift of Childbirth,” is a beautiful book about faith, and how you can make empowered choices for you and your baby.

“Many books teach and focus on the health and safety of giving birth, from comfort techniques to medical procedures. But few delve into God or His principles and plan for women. Childbirth offers a unique experience for omen to draw closer to the Lord and benefit from many divinely designed blessings – spiritual, emotional, and physical. This relatable and rewarding book empowers women with valuable information that allows them to make informed decisions about birthing.”
“The Sacred Gift of Childbirth,” back side.

This book is a simple easy read and I recommend that all expectant Christian mothers have “The Sacred Gift of Childbirth,” in their home library.  It also makes a fantastic baby shower gift. You can purchase “The Sacred Gift of Childbirth : Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby,” by Marie-Ange Bigelow on Amazon.com or anywhere books are sold.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of the book, “The Sacred Gift of Childbirth : Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby,” by Marie-Ange Bigelow in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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The Sacred Gift of Childbirth
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