No matter if it is summer or winter your RV needs a place to stay, not all homes are big enough to accommodate a vehicle like RV due to its huge size and structure. An RV can be something around 18ft to 25ft long which can simply be called large, as large as a mini bus. You will never like your expensive RV where you also have many good memories that can make you smile whenever you look at it. So here in this article you will come to know some details about an RV and the facilities and costs offered by storage units as well.

What kind of a vehicle is an RV actually?

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, which is specially designed for a family or a buddy trip for hiking, clubbing, partying, hangout on beach and picnic or even a romantic date with your love. See so many uses of this vehicle; it’s almost like a home on wheels where in most of the vehicles you have a small kitchen and some small dining table inbuilt for your cooking and enjoy while travel and they when you are on the spot of your recreational activity these become your storehouses of all important things. Well in the nights it is the safest place to sleep as well when you are in some unknown place.

What are the facilities and costs offered by storage units?

A recreational vehicle is a heavy duty vehicle and requires a lot of care after a long trip. So a RV Storage 85027 in Phoenix AZ will be a good choice.  The engine needs to be taken care of the interiors need to be cleaned and dusted. In case if there were any scratches or dents that occurred during playing football around the vehicle by ball hitting it so there are many things that need to be taken care of.

So for all this storage units will do the job. They charge around $250 to $350 for rent of these vehicles and also a $20 per sq. ft. option is also available. This amount includes all your taxes and some basic cleaning and care processes. Well if you want more services get ready to loosen your purse a little.


Well concluding here by saying that your vehicle needs care as your own family as it’s just not a vehicle but a family member as well. These are cool vehicles that stay for many years if maintained in good way. Some RVs are of our grandfathers age which are still running and in working condition now.