I posted this on-line yesterday: "I'm having an anxiety attack. My contractor is tearing down the ivy on my bed and breakfast property Monday...that is tomorrow. I have loved that ivy for the nearly 20 years I've had my bed and breakfast. But it is causing havoc with the bricks, the wood, and the tuck pointing so it has to come down. Can't imagine what it will look like after we rip off its clothes!! : =( "

Well they came today and started ripping the damned stuff off. I was making breakfast for my guests when I heard a loud scraping noise outside my kitchen door. I opened it and there they were, Richard my close friend and contractor, and Wendell a cracker-jack worker and tuck-pointer, hard at work.
The two of them looked sort of funny, cause Wendell was up high on a steel ladder killing himself yanking off the lovely green stuff while Richard was just standing there doing nothing except leaning against the ladder with both hands.

     "You must be exhausted," I said to him, flashing a broad sarcastic smile. "Want some coffee to keep up your strength?"  I knew very well he was holding the ladder to keep Wendell from falling.

Then I remembered, there was a couple in the room above the kitchen in which there was a window facing the garden. Wendell probably had snatched all the clingy vines from around that window. Hope my guest weren't too alarmed, thinking he was some kind of "peeping Tom."

Anyhow, this is the way the morning started. It's well past noon now and they have worked their way around to the side of the house nearly to the front, my heart beating fast with every falling leaf. My house is going to look so naked without all that ivy.....
(cont. tomorrow.....)

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