I'm ordering a salad to grow.

To grow deeper, snuggle in tight, where the soil's protection is at its peak.

To grow healthier, siphoning off the soil's gift of moisture, developing a sweet crunch.

To grow higher, stretch out a neck of faith, building cell upon cell, Eiffel tower on a bed of lettuce.

Because this is what these tiny baby plants are - lettuce.

A salad to grow...

They may not be very impressive yet. No heads of iceberg, no Romaine with Caesar dressing in the wings. Just twin rotors, bound and determined to leap out of the earth into its productive destiny. Little by little, leaf by leaf, day by day, this row of tiny seedlings is a salad in the making.

In the same way, we can become the means to make the world around us a little more tasty, a little more healthy. A little more - alive.

It begins with the truth.

"...speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ." Ephesians 4:15

Telling the truth makes us grow more like God?


God's very nature is honest. Completely trustworthy. True, to the extent that Truth is weighed against His word. It follows that as we become more truthful, inside and out, we will experience health - emotional, relational, mental, spiritual.

Like eating a crisp, fresh salad.

Speaking the truth in love makes us grow. Grow deeper, snuggling in tight where God can breathe His life into our hearts. Grow healthier, both for ourselves and others. Grow higher, stretching out a neck of faith. Growing ever upward, ever closer to the amazing potential God Himself has seeded within us.

What a wholesome purpose - making our corner of this world a better, stronger, more nutritious place to be. Spreading truth in dignity, aligning our lives with the Author of all Truth.

Friend, will you be ordering a salad to grow?