Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson look alike Same Soul Reincarnation looks like the First US President is Reincarnated

Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson (Moore) looks like the Same Soul Reincarnation look alike US President of Immortality is Reincarnated

Looking at the picture of Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson to say wow they look similar into pondering the feeling is much more to this sight to see than meets the eye. For those that do not know who John Hanson was, he is seen by many as the first president, with great intelligence and determination. Samuel L Jackson is this award winning actor in numerous iconic movies.

Is Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson within Same Soul Connected?

This might be shocking to most because at first, it might not make sense but then it makes perfect sense within the mysteries of multidimensional reincarnation. What if Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson are the same soul. What does it mean to be the same soul connected? It is the same soul incarnated in a variety of bodies to experience this timeline venture or that lifetime adventure. Higher self-answer I am receiving is yes. Samuel L Jackson and John Hanson are the same soul, it makes perfect sense. Samuel L Jackson has this strong presence like a president in greatness and a strong man within kindness is a handsome human being.

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Photo Sources for this Blog Post:
- John Hanson Photo by Augustus Washington /
- Samuel L Jackson Photo by Bryan Bedder /
- Samuel L Jackson Photo by Frazer Harrison /
Note: Then I Collaged or Blended Photos to Create this One Blog Post Image.