Advanced Sand-Box Cell MMO with Archaic Dinosaurs and Huge Player Versus Player Fights from Software Designers of Vindictus Opens Globally Small Testing for Android and I-OS

Documented enthusiasts from all over the world is going to be the very first to roam, research, and beat the exceptionally wonderful but dangerous planet of Durango, the most recent sandbox massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game from NEXON Korea Company, subsidiary company of NEXON Co., Ltd., an international leader in free-to-perform on the web and cell phone games.

Durango is an initiating MMORPG with the infinite variety of islands, filled with archaic dinosaurs expecting player discovery. The Durango small beta testing will operate from December 13 to January 4 (PST). Ready Android users wanting to join the small beta test can nevertheless enroll on the Durango website:

Produced by Eunseok Yi’s What! Studio, gamers playing the Durango small beta tests will probably be propelled into an unfamiliar planet where dinosaurs still roam about freely. Players can get a peek into a wonderful but dangerous world where survival is the main priority. Jampacked using a completely-imersive and expertise that is interactional, their figures will be led by players as they discover to create conflict, hunt, scavenge, and communities to maintain their family living in the land that is international annoyances by dinos and competing families.

In this round of small beta, MMO enthusiasts from all around the globe will:

  • Be a leader in a endless openworld: Countless amounts of isles in Durango‘s seamless open-world expects player discovery;
  • Constructing an empire: Gamers can form their resolution from scratch with fellow gamers from all over the world, and prosper by trading items;
  • Hunt or tame dinosaurs: Learn to tame, trip, or look for a varied group of brutal and iconic dinosaurs;
  • Participate in legendary family versus clan conflicts: Fight against other families to shield one’s country of origin in huge family conflicts;
  • Develop specialities with emergent crafting and ability training: Locate a variety of means to master tasks through Durango‘s advanced system.

The Durango small beta can be found in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, South South Usa, as well as other select lands, excluding mainland China and Japan.

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Sandbox Mobile MMO, Durango, Enters Limited Beta

Sandbox Cell MMO, Durango, Enters Constrained Beta


MMO, dinos, present time, survival, sand-box, RPG, what does one get? Durango. A brand new game in the developers of Vindictus!!