If you've been following my blog throughout it's sporadic posting these past six years, you will have noticed that I have a penchant for how-to's and lots of words. Writing is one of those things that I can't keep myself from doing and as has been an integral part of who I am as a person for far longer than I've ever been aware of it.

​With that said, I'm finally taking action to do more writing, and not just on this blog (though that is, indeed, part of it) and I've a rather big (for me) announcement to that end.
After so much deliberation and so much encouragement from dear friends, I'm taking steps to make sure that all the things that I want to write are actually written and out there for you to read. One of those steps is the launching of a patreon page.
​More than anything, my patreon page represents a promise I'm making -to you and to myself- to quit fucking around and write all the things.

​What sort of things? How about a few ebooks. I'm wrapping up an introduction to Warding that I'm hoping to release at the end of February. You can get this ebook for free by pledging $5 or more, otherwise it will be available for purchase through my site.

​Here's an excerpt:

Warding is a practical magickal means of protecting and securing a person or place. The exact procedure and materials can range from complex to deceptively simple. However, it’s important to remember that, with magick, the power lays not within the objects or the words, but within the witch and their ability to tap into the wild and ancient forces that exist within and without us all. For that reason, very ordinary objects can be rendered very powerful wards.

The exact details of what is allowed to pass through your wards can be laid out as part of the creation and setting of your wards. In this way, warding does not interfere with your spellcasting nor does it interfere with the travel and tasks of any spirit allies, the fetch, or familiars, and it does not interfere with your ability to worship or work with any Deities.

[...]In looking at the types of things that one would ward their home against, it’s important to note that psychic/magickal means are most effective against psychic/magickal threats. Likewise, physical means are most effective against physical threats. It is for similar reason why “protection magick” for your home or an individual is often ineffective. The focus is too general. The energetic net is cast too wide and so it is thin, rendering that spell ineffective even against matters it would have otherwise been effective against. If you want specific results, work specific spells.

I've also got plans of reworking the Working with Zoological Remains blog series to include a lot of extra content, such as how to make rawhide and how to begin working with animal spirits.

​But, the big project and primary reason for launching my patreon page is because I've been working on a full length book. I made really good progress while living in the wilderness and currently have a solid outline, chapter list, and a good 20k words of first draft -and a ton​ of notes for every chapter. This book.... this book is my baby, and if you follow me on twitter, you know how much I love showing off my babies.

​With the support I receive through patreon, I'll be able to scale back on my writing clients so I can focus more time on writing not just the things I want to write about, but on writing the things that you want to read about. Even the smallest pledge gets me closer to being able to getting this book into your hands.

​So, quick overview in case you don't know how patreon works: rather than one time donations, such as with kickstarter, you pledge an ongoing monthly donation. This provides me with consistent income so I can cut back on clients and allot more of my writing time to you, while still being able to do convenient things like eat and keep my babies warm at night. Of course, you can still make a one time donation by cancelling your pledge once your card has been charged.

​Based upon how much you  pledge, you get exclusive access to posts and content, like getting my ebook on Warding 101 for free if you pledge more than $5. You'll also get exclusive updates and photos from my travels throughout the West right now, early access to blog posts and articles, previews of the chapter outline and first drafts of chapters, and even get a say in what topic I'll write about for blog posts and a free signed copy of my finished book.

And all of that still doesn't come close to showing how much your support means to me.

​Truly, thank you. Thank you for everything, for reading my frequently sporadic posts, for sharing with me my frustration and joys, for supporting me through my challenges, and for sharing with me how much something I wrote helped you or changed your perspective.

Thank you.