I  don't understand why some people without knowing /understanding what I do  wants to be me , are jealous of me, are talking shit about me without even knowing me well.

I had banned certain media  because of the tabloid quality shit they utter

Then I decided because I don't represent the companies that requires me to speak to any media, I have decided not to appear at all.I want to be quiet  and sleep well, because i don't think they are need of it.I am my business, if you want to produce a tv show  that you would pay me once  and have it on re run for the next 2 years ...that's not gonna happen.Money is more important  than fame to me.

In my entire career and  cafe/restaurant business,my financier was my family.If you want to have a dream  ,I would rather not take people's money.Restaurant business is tricky and you won't see your money back  after a year or more and that's if you are lucky.
So I take my risk at my own prerogative and not get people involved.

I am not a chef who went to school and studied  economics ,business or chemistry and decided to change career last minute because I didn't get a job.I am  a working chef  who studied culinary arts and worked for  hotels and climbed my ladder.

Meow.... the birth of  a clone, azura 2
I am not saying that i am the best ,but looks like lately some glamour-fame thirst bitch  who when i first met mentioned to me that she doesn't know me  but later told me that she had my newspapers cutting kept in between her books -had been stalking me and copying from my hair style  to my travels, this person  would go to any destination after I visited the place.This case of copying  is worrying me as she had asked money from her boyfriend/financier  to get a house near mine, to get a ticket to where I had been with a gap of few days,to buy clothes where I had bought mine.
Guess what... the world is small recently  I I happened to know the boyfriend/financier  is my junior school friend's ex husband (thanks for wrecking what they had) and I know the fame thirst bitch  azura 2 would be reading  this, afterall this is the only way she can find out of my travels.

dear Azura 2, I didn't respond when my  media personality friend told me that you are obsessed with me,I am not upset when you went to my friend's bar and try to get friendly with her   and told her that we all can hang out sometime,I just listened when my  tv cook friend told me that you told him that we are good friends. 

I am not your friend -I don't want to be your friend stop telling people that we are, i don't know you, I met you twice of which there were only hi and bye ,

 now to be honest... thanks for the flattery but  stop this psychotic game.Be original.
And  remember we are not friends, my malaysian work friends consist of mandarin oriental  and  regent fours seasons crew , we worked  together  and they are all real chefs- not like you.
You are fake.

I wish you all the success in finding yourself   and the proposed tv show that synopsis  was shown to me first.
You are not a spoke chef and don't lie to people that we are buddies.By the way , people at the oven company are aware that you want to be me, the owner spoke to me with the portfolio you sent him and they decided to go for someone more  original and loved ,

I turned down their offer  and they recently  hired another well loved professional.

I hate doing this.But you forced me to.this  entry is for my security and safety.