leave-364178_640If you take a moment to look at where your career is currently headed, are you happy with what you see?

For many individuals, today’s job challenges are not always so much tied to employers not offering them. In fact, it is oftentimes a case of not having the necessary qualifications to meet the needs of companies.

Although some individuals will have each and every qualification needed, they will still be turned down. In the end, the majority do find work when properly qualified.

With that in mind, what are you doing to be as sure as possible that you will get the career you want and deserve?

Are You Properly Qualified?

So that you have all the qualifications deemed necessary to get the job and ultimately career you want, make sure the following are checked off:

  • Attitude – First and foremost, do you have the right attitude when it comes to the job search? Unfortunately, some individuals go into a job hunt feeling like they are all but entitled to a position. In the real world, however, that attitude won’t get one too far. When you have the attitude that exudes positivism, you stand a much better chance of being where you want. Take it from the approach of things work out for a reason, but you’re going to stay positive no matter what;
  • Education – When it comes to your educational background, are you as educated as is deemed necessary? Whether looking for an accounting degree, acquiring an online master of science in finance degree, perhaps a communications degree, be sure to get what you need. Although hands-on training goes a long way in whether or not you get the position you seek, your educational background certainly can’t be discounted;
  • Skills – As you look at the skills you currently possess, are they enough to get you in the door for the interview of your choice (see more below)? In an ever-changing world, recent skills can prove outdated in a short period of time, so never assume what you have is enough. Also take the time to look at your overall social skills, notably as to how you act online and offline. When it comes to the former, more and more employers are looking at prospective candidates (along with current employees), checking to see what they say and do on social media. It would definitely behoove you to be as professional and cautious as possible. Never lash out socially about a current or former employer or co-worker.

Positive Personality is Always Worthwhile

  • Personality – Whether it is in the workplace or outside of it, a positive personality should always be by your side. In the workplace, customer service is always a focal point, something that can determine how successful (or not for that matter) a business can be. If you are in a current job or interviewing for one (perhaps both), make sure your personality comes across as positive. As for outside the workplace, being personable pays dividends too. Always keep in mind that you never truly know who you are talking to at many times in your life. As a result, a general discussion in a coffee shop, restaurant, doctor’s office etc. could in fact be with someone you will refer to as your boss one day;
  • Goals – Finally, for both your sake and the sake of any employer you work for, having goals is crucial. Yes, some employees just go through the motions in the workplace on a daily basis. For whatever reason or reasons that is, it really doesn’t help anyone, notably the worker. By being ambitious and looking to accomplish more in life in terms of your profession, you will stand out in a positive way for all to see.

If you feel like something is missing in your career i.e. enough education, the right position to grow in etc. will you do something about it today?

Photo credit: Pixabay

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business and personal growth topics on the web.